Middle East

Gaza (A Twisted Star)


Watch now

as the star of david

is twisted

by fire born

of an iron crucible

into a swastika

watch now as gaza burns

for the sin

of not being chosen

by a genocidal god



4 thoughts on “Gaza (A Twisted Star)

  1. beth lattanzi says:

    Very well said. Too bad that Obama and the state department don’t understand and just approved more aid for weapons for Israel. There is such a total disconnect with reality in the west because the media is more interested in thought control than the truth.

  2. What if their sons or daughters were sleeping over in one of the apartments that were scheduled to be bombed? Would they still carry out their plan? I think not.
    Why are the innocent slaughtered so casually? It’s complete madness. I cannot understand the apparent need for violence and genocide against another person or people.

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