Civil rights, poetry

White White

Jasper Johns

What do you know when you know what you know?

Have you seen any sort of disaster?

I know how you know what you know you know

Can your rhyming scheme fail any faster?


All rock, and in eve thought to way that cracked

The rain has fallen down there, quay,

sush out of reach and lay me out the fact

Draught of a fine lupine the pank in they


Clouds of teargas steam rising plus ultra

Big fat white pig billow willow coughing

LRAD blaring piggies swearing area

Deny it wasteland fly by it crying


Same time same place same crime same race, white white

I don’t see it walking or defying

Rise rise rinse and repeat onslaught flight flight

The blue makes you white there’s no denying


Tactical munitions, facile in thought

Blaze and akelarre believer guns cocked

thirst and burn and thrust and churn they’re distraught

West Ferguson and waiting waiting rocked


Blue race bubble bubble toil and trouble

I’ve it in me stand alone monolith

Get your ass on the street on the double

Shit is going to hit the fan forthwith


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