Runner On the Grain


Greed stretched lengthwise across a verdant land

Brother love and community smothered

Blood soaked from Atlantic to Pacific sands

good earth with malice, like kudzu, covered


The evil of expansion manifest

Destiny built upon a trail of tears

A debt the toiling people must attest

A nation and a dream held in arrears


The United States of America

Larceny on a monumental scale

We the People, skillful propaganda

Ravaged brown bodies, chained, put up for sale


I am an heir to this wretched estate

These foul riches corrupt my sorry soul

A privilege purchased, and an unearned fate

My comfort maintained by a racial dole


Founding fathers who delighted in rape

God bless their genius and their lying tongues

Freedom never allows its slaves escape

Liberty crushes the life from their lungs


Where are you resting tonight Nat Turner?

We need your honor and your stubborn will

The rich slept in beds blood-soaked by murder

We must wrest them hence for they lay there still


How long the road to Pottawatomie?

The sun low in a sanguinary sky

John Brown held up a mirror for us to see

A nation clothed in nothing much too shy


Salvation is a runner on the grain

Chased by a fearful abomination

Trampling over a fruitful stolen plain

Seeking peace from perverse domination


We never were a city ‘pon a hill

We’re a crypt built to hold ten million graves

This mausoleum is expanding still

Manufactured by freedom’s toiling slaves


Our paradise is purchased with our sins

Empire steeped in megalomania

Self-righteous power rots us from within

Behold this, your Pax Americana!


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