Musings on European Christian History


[the following is an excerpt from an essay I am writing on Christian History in Europe]

…The modern age is one of instant access to almost limitless access to the raw facts of history, an effectively pixalized and alienated from its own active part in the unfolding of that history. We take for granted, those of us blessed with the time, inclination, ability, and access to the information, that what is past is past and today is a better day, another step forward down an a road to an inevitable perfection. The Roman Empire Begat Christianity which Begat the Christian Kingdoms and Nations which Begat the Christian Empires which, pauses for a moment to pay homage to Mongol superiority, then begets the Industrial and Industrial/Digital/Nuclear/Corporate Empires of the modern moment. Somewhere wedged betwixt those Begats was a period where two versions of Christianity, one a major minority and the other the Majority and the Establishment, went to war, these accidents and designs of religion grafting themselves onto the major sectarian, nationalistic, economic issues of the time. This was a sectarian, Pan-European cum North and South American Risorgimento, and an eventual (if not yet complete) degrading of Religious hegemony in culture and civil governance and caused the West, as its Christian, Capitalist and pale skinned pieces were was to become know…


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