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Why Does the GOP Hate Science?


I have been stunned lately by the ridiculous and regressive things major GOP figures have been saying about medicine and science lately. It is old news that the GOP wants to repeal Obamacare (a law I think did not go nearly far enough but has at least brought insurance to millions who did not have it before) and does not give a shit about the lives and liberty of women when it comes to their own reproductive health, but this week the GOP may have gone, in the words of the great comedy Tropic Thunder, “Full Retard”.

A little background: Disneyland and a few other areas in California have suffered a measles outbreak stemming from the anti-vaccine movement. Thousands of “parents” have decided that they will not vaccinate their children against deadly and easily spread diseases because some quack Doctors and terrible actress Jenny McCarthy told them it would cause autism and other “terrible afflictions”. I am not even going to go into how insulting this is to people like me who actually have autism. It is bad enough that these idiot parents want to bring health standards back to the level of pre-industrial Europe. Anyone with a half of a brain knows that vaccines are safe and effective and save millions of lives. So of course Chris Christie and play-Doctor Rand Paul came out against vaccinating children. Professional Charlatan Rand Paul (hail Aqua-Buddha) went so far as to say that vaccines caused “profound” mental and intellectual problems in children. Rand Paul is a board certified Doctor…of course the “board” in question was pulled out of his Ayn Rand worshiping ass. This man puts wandering wild west snake oil salesmen to shame. Chris Christie, the fattest man on earth–I mean the governor of New Jersey, weighed in and said that parents should have a “choice” in whether to vaccinates their children. I guess the GOP is pro-choice only when it comes to deciding whether you want your child to die the death of a 15th century German peasant.

But wait, there is more! North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom “My first name needed an extra “H” for some reason” Tillis has decided that it is too much of a “regulatory” burden to make restaurants force their employees wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Let me repeat that: A US Senator wants to fight liberal economic tyranny by allowing your Denny’s waitress to serve you your grand slam with shit stained fingers. ‘Murica, Fuck Yeah.

The GOP has gotten to the point where they view science itself as a liberal conspiracy to impose socialist “medicine” to prevent Marxist “diseases” from taking our communist “lives”. It is difficult to pin down exactly why this is; is it to appease the religious fools who make up their base, to appease their corporate overlords, or is it just plain old, Scopes Monkey Trial level American anti-intellectualism? We may never know for sure, but one thing is certain: these idiots should not be let anywhere near the levers of power.


2 thoughts on “Why Does the GOP Hate Science?

  1. Spot on regarding GOP science deniers and especially Michelle Malkin. I was going to start using the hashtag #MealymouthedMalkin, but if you have something better, I’m all ears.

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