Civil rights



50 years ago today

Blood and tears

ran on the Edmund Pettus Bridge

The people gathered

would not give way

to the false might

of segregation and reactions

John Lewis earned his red badge of courage

that day

a broken skull from a

Selma Police Man’s baton

they can’t beat you with words or reason

so they beat you with sticks and stones

march across the bridge

one man, one woman, one vote

that is the promise

that is the mission

the rights are yours

take them!

show the racists

and the conservatives

and the reactionaries

that their beliefs

their hate

is not welcome in this

land of ours

brave souls marched in Selma

were trampled underfoot

by terrified men with small hearts

and smaller minds

one man, one woman, one vote

Can you hear their voices raised in song?

Can you hear their feet on the pavement?

Can you hear them, Congress?

Well, can you?


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