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A Strange Sort of Justice

Happy as a Pig In Shit

Happy as a Pig In Shit

You boys in blue

There is nothing just about you

There is no law

There is no order

Save for racism



and murder

Eric Garner

Eleanor Bumpers

Michael Brown

Abner Louima

Patrick Dorismond

Ousmane Zongo

Rodney King

Tyisha Miller

Lynch mobs with shiny badges

Scared little men

Who fear

Those they are tasked

To protect

Instead they serve

A strange sort

of Justice

Law of power

A choke hold

Around a throat

Screaming for respect

The darker the skin

The harder they stomp

And kick

and punch

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

John Weerd Smith

Kendrec McDade

Lorenzo Collins

They bleed blue

if they bleed at all

They hide behind

a ghastly wall

of bodies culled

from the population

of men and women

denied the right to live

in peace

the greatest crime one can commit

In America

Is to be born black

or poor

“when you’re in trouble look for a cop”

unless you look like

Ramarley Graham

Marlene Pinnock

Kathryn Johnson

Marshawn Pitts

Adolph Archie

Henry Glover

Ask a question


Don’t look the officer in the eye


Fight back


Call for help


Officer Porker is judge


and executioner

His will is law

and thy will be done


When white sheets went out of fashion

Klansmen turned them in

For blue shirts and silver badges

Protect and serve

The powers that be

But the iron fist

for you and me

Mayor Daley said it best

“The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder.”