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A Note Concerning True Democracy

Democratic systems, such as they are today, exist either as an end of a long period of dialectical progression towards capitalism as an imposition by a “developed” capitalist system upon a “developing” (read: colonized) society, or by a decolonized society seeking to start on dialectical progression towards capitalism. the systems of capitalist democratic governance allow a vote only on the mechanisms
used to implement capitalist policy to further the expansion and flow of capital. There can be no democratic vote on the FACT of capitalism in itself. There can be no vote to undermine the system of capital.
The details of the real of everyday life under capitalism can change according to the whims of the voters i.e. more or less social permissiveness or more or less tokens of welfare to the exploited classes but the Real of capitalism, the objective schema of the expansion of the flow of capital by any and all means, can NEVER be voted upon. Democracy only ever extends to subjective effects, never objective systems themselves.
Liberals mistake the trappings of democracy for democracy. Voting for the means and severity of owns own exploitation and brutalization is not, cannot be, democratic, even if the forms appear so at a surface level. True democracy is the collective decision making processes of the workers and the people to satisfies their needs, and further their own interests, and prosperity. True democracy CANNOT EXIST without the precondition of communism, of the disruption of the flow of capital used to perpetuate imperialism. Democracy coexists with workers owning the means of production.
This does not mean that the level and exchange of material production will continue to increase and expand under communism. In fact, under true communist democracy, material progress, as measured by capitalist standards, may retract, may be retarded, for some time but this retardation will be overcome when the people and workers in a communist democracy reorder the priorities of material production, a reorganization that will be informed by sustainable, practical ecology, the needs and desires of various communities, and their aspirations. However, none of this can occur before DISRUPTION OF THE FLOW & EXPANSION OF CAPITAL & democratic systems maintaining the charade of popular control

20 Aphorisms On Materialism


1. That which is material is all that is intuitively, acutely and empirically experienced, understood and contemplated and acted on by the human being

2. Materialism is the system of thought and frame of understanding that allows the human being to explore the meaning and operation of the world in which he inhabits, experiences or contemplates

3. There is nothing of the metaphysical in the material reality of nature and existence.

4. The metaphysical is the fearful postulation of unmoved movements and uncaused causes and formless forms as the essence of what is real and experienced.

5. If things unseen (by which we mean the metaphysical, the things that are only as thought or as postulation) are seen then they must of course be material.

6. The metaphysical can never be the basis or the cause of the material. Whatever is metaphysical can only be material, as it does exist as an appeal to the creation of the material.

7. The metaphysical is a fear of the material as the material is in and of itself a confirmation of the mortal and the temporary nature of human experience and existence.

8. “Here we have this and there is something else entirely.” This and there are tied together irrespective of prejudices of human fear. This is the material as we experience or contemplate it in the moment. That is the beyond postulated by human fear of the material, the real, and the moment in which both are experienced and understood.

9. This and That is a false dichotomy. This is That. The metaphysical is the corruption of the material into an abstraction that can be used to justify fear becoming hatred of the material and existence.

10. When what is assumed to be metaphysical is shown to have a part in the material as experienced by the human being then the metaphysical is of course material

11. What is material is perishable and mutable

12. What is material will change overtime or through interaction with other material things or through natural atrophy or other such processes inherent to the material world

13. What is metaphysical cannot change and cannot interact with material things. That which changes or interacts with material things is material

14. That which is metaphysical cannot create or interact with that which is material

15. What a human being experiences in the material world is real insofar as its substance or the effects of the same can be acutely and empirically experienced, understood and contemplated on by another human being

16. The realm of thought, imagination, dream and theory is in no way metaphysical as such experiences find their origin in human interaction with and contemplation of the material world

17. Our senses are the faculties that allow us to experience and interact with the material and therefore are themselves entirely material

18. Our senses are limited by our natural capacities as animal beings and therefore may be unable to experience fully every aspect of material reality

19. The inability to perceive or fully experience the material world does not allow for the existence of the metaphysical

20. The material and perishable and mutable nature of the world does not imply descent from a once more “perfect” metaphysical nature.