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A Lacanian Review of “Baywatch”

The Interplay between The Rock’s primal over-compensating Nietsczean character and the latent homosexual archtype played by Effron brings to mind the process by which Hegelian material dialectics brings form to the amorphous potential of power dynamics in a totalitarian state system; that the Rock, an apt pseudonym for such an immovable superego figure, continually subjects Effron to progressively more perverse forms of sexual torture mirrors the crippling, stultifyingly, repetative but nonetheless erotically charged Real of “bay watching” i.e. the omnipotent Object of the Sea and the subjective figures drowing in its unexplored depths, and the father-signifier Life-Guard striving to pull subjectivity from the great blue churning Other of Stalinist derrived material hermenutics.

That the milleu of the picture is the ever-sunny, ever objectivity denuding beach-scape of Southern California, land of silicon bosoms and rictus grin visages sculpted from the raw pulp of human flesh at $30,000 a pop, throws the psych-sexual dialectic of the film into stark contrastm, especially when considered alongside the the obsessive cinematographic fondling and half-joking fetisization of Alexandra Daddario’s magnificent natural breasts. One cannot help but recall Lacan’s claim in his XXth Seminar:

“The subject is nothing other than what slides in a chain of signifiers, whether he knows which signifier he is the effect of or not. That effect- the subject – is the intermediary effect between what characterizes a signifier and another signifier, namely, the fact that each of them, each of them is an element. – “

I give the film as a whole 2 1/2 Stars.


What Does Memorial Day Mean?


“Memorial Day will be celebrated … by the usual betrayal of the dead, by the hypocritical patriotism of the politicians and contractors preparing for more wars, more graves to receive more flowers on future Memorial Days. The memory of the dead deserves a different dedication. To peace, to defiance of governments.”

—-Howard Zinn

There has been a campaign on social media to promote something called the “Go Silent” campaign. As to this “Go Silent” campaign to ask for a moment of silence on memorial day; I will not be taking part because I find this request insulting and condescending to the people of the US. We The People have the right to free speech, we have the right to speak out against the injustice being perpetrated against innocent people all over the world by the US Military in the service of US Government/Corporate interests. I will use tomorrow to speak out against the glorifying/deification of war dead, which only serves as a way to silence and shame discontent and dissension from the people against the crimes being done in their name.

No war or military operation the US has fought has been just or warranted, not since at least WWII, and since the end of the Vietnam war we have had a volunteer force so anyone who has died since then has died because of a choice THEY made to be a part of an armed forces in services of a government that has perpetrated slaughter on a massive scale, especially in the Middle East. Why, why does the “protection” of our “freedom” and “liberty” and “way of life” seem so often to require the wholesale destruction of other nations and peoples?

This memorial day I will be honoring not the US war dead (they have plenty of people celebrating their cause) but instead the victims of US imperial brutality in the name of “freedom”. Also remember, the best way to honor the war dead, veterans, and those who are still serving is to make sure they are never again sent to fight a war of aggression in the name of national security, corporate interests, or plain old fear. The holiday has also become yet another excuse for Americans to self-righteously congratulate themselves, to worship the military for the sake of it being the military, and also an excuse for retailers to sell cheap foreign made goods to eager consumers. I am not asking that you believe what I believe or act how I act, but I am asking that you take a long hard look at what it is exactly that we are memorializing this day, and why.

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Memorial Day 2013


We are always told that is the duty of every American to remember the war dead of our “great republic”, the thousands that have died to protect our freedoms. Those of us who know better know that this is bullshit. The vast majority of American conflicts have been over economic hegemony, exploitation, and bogus national security interests. This memorial day let us remember the true heroes…the millions who have been killed by American Imperial aggression.

Millions of people from the various indigenous tribes and Nations of the Americas were slaughtered by American forces and settlers moving west, North and South. Millions were moved to concentration camps and left to die in horrid conditions. To this day they are exploited and largely ignored and un-cared for.

At least a million and probably many more Vietnamese were slaughtered by US forces and illegal bombing campaigns. Millions were maimed or disabled by defoliating agents and poisons dropped from the skies onto their villages and cities. All so we could “stop” communism, or, more accurately to establish capitalist hegemony over the region.

Hundreds of thousands have been killed in Central and South America due to American colonial interventions justified by the brutal and paternalistic “Monroe Doctrine” and the “Drug War”. Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Haiti, Grenada, Panama…Brutal dictators were propped in these regions by the American government and military and Corporations and they have killed and tortured hundreds of thousands.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were starved to death by the brutal and needless sanctions demanded by the US and its international and corporate allies. Hundreds of thousands were killed and maimed in the Gulf Wars that preceded and followed these evil sanctions.

US forces and Corporations helped to exploit and intimidate Imperial China and her population during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The US also bombed thousands during the Chinese Civil war and WWII.

At the behest of Corporate power, specifically the Dole company, The United States overthrew the government of and annexed the independent Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by the US Army Air Force in the largely punitive bombing campaigns against German cities during WWII. Dresden was totally leveled and the vast majority of targets were purely civilian in nature.

The US remains the only nation to have used nuclear arms and they did it against the civilian populations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killing over half a million from the bombs themselves and the radiation and disease that continues to this very day.

The US brutally invaded and annexed large segments of Mexico and assaulted, exploited and slaughtered thousands of Mexicans and Native peoples in the process

The US bombed the Balkans and killed thousands of civilians

US forces have raped and assaulted at least tens of thousands of women and men during its wars and later occupations.

The US has propped up the brutal religious dictatorship in Saudi Arabia in order to secure access to oil and natural gas resources.

The US has killed tens of thousands in its useless punitive war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and continues to slaughter hundreds with its drone attacks on largely civilian populations.

The US army has experimented with chemicals, medicines and weapons on civilian populations in the US and Central America for over a century.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the atrocities committed by the US, its Military and the corporations they are beholden to. For once let us remember the victims of our greed and hubris. For once let us admit that we are the greatest enemy to peace and social progress in the world.

Happy Memorial Day