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Art and Pain

Painting By Francis Bacon

Painting By Francis Bacon

I am a fan of N.W.A., and I am looking forward to seeing the bio pic about their career “Straight Outta Compton”. I think their music & poetry is some of the most revolutionary & genius of the past 50 years. I also think that Dr. Dre is a woman-beating piece of shit. Believe it or not, it is possible to appreciate the art of someone who is a more often than not a terrible person. We do it every day when we listen to a Phil Spector produced Beatles track or read a Norman Mailer manuscript (the former was convicted of murder and the later stabbed his 2nd wife). There is nothing hypocritical about that…what IS hypocritical, though, is pretending that the artists who produce the works we so enjoy and love are flawless, paragons of virtue. They are not. The never have been and they never will be. This is not a problem with rappers, or rock gods or misanthropic writers…this is a human problem. When we choose to go underneath the surface of the art that inspires us, we must be prepared to confront that sometimes distasteful, sometimes downright horrid behaviors, ideas, and fantasies of the people who create it. Great art can and does come from great pain, both experienced and inflicted. We owe it to ourselves and to those who were victimized by the gross human nature of our heroes to not sweep the facts under the rug. In that spirit I am posting a link to this excellent, heartbreaking, and very revealing interview with music journalist Dee Barnes, who was brutally beaten by Dr. Dre at a party after an interview she conducted with former N.W.A member Ice Cube. We can love the art, but hate and condemn what the artist has done to others. Again, this does not make us hypocrites, it in fact makes us human




[The following is a poem from my upcoming poetry Book “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. Keep an eye on this blog for more updates!] 

Gentle lion playing at the lyre

Gruff in throat please roar so we may hear

a song bringing endless steins of beer

Sing loud so our libations will appear!

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Pray For Chris Brown To Get Cancer And Die


Background to the following poem…the Singer Chris Brown brutally beat his one time girlfriend, the singer Rihanna, and then tried to dodge responsibility for it all. Unbelievably thousands of his “fans” (more like cultists and horny teenage idiots) stood up for him and blamed Rihanna for the incident. This is misogyny, bigotry, and stupidity. Mr. Brown has been rumored to have beat and harassed other women he has been in a relationship with and he is incredibly dismissive of the outrage many feel over his actions. Mr. Brown had a seizure while in the recording studio this afternoon…If only I believed in karma…So in “honor” of this woman-hating idiot I present this little poem…

Let us all

As one nation

Pray fervently

For Chris Brown

The Woman Beater

To Get Cancer

Of the testicles

And die

And if you do not pray

Just really hope

He gets hit

By a bus


Say NO to violence against women. Say NO to misogyny. Say NO to idiots who celebrate idiot celebrities like Chris Brown.

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Grammy Night…Music on My Mind


I am in one of those moods, rare for me, where I would rather take a break from the hard-scrabble world of political theory, philosophy, and 18th century sexual deviant geniuses in order to discuss something of more pressing importance: The Grammys

Well, less the Grammys than my taste in music and how that overlaps WITH said award program. My taste is rather eclectic and hard to pin down. It is easier, I suppose to state what I do NOT like.

1. I hate 95% of country music. The exceptions are Hank Williams, Johnny Cash (who along with Woody Guthrie is, in my opinion, the best American musician of all time…go ahead, challenge me on it) and….well there you go.

2. I hate 95% of hip-hop and rap made after 1992. The exceptions being Kanye West’s early stuff (I know that sounds hipster of me but oh well), Biggie Smalls, and Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise”. It is all just so much sound and fury signifying jack shit, to turn a phrase.

3. Not a big fan of jazz. I just…I don’t get it.

4. Anything auto-tuned. Just. Don’t.

Well now that I have THAT out of the way…on to what I DO like! My favorite channel on Pandora radio is my customized “Donovan” network, named for the Scottish songwriter/poet/musician who in many ways is what Dylan wanted to be when he tried to get all spiritual in the 70’s and failed miserably. The choices on that station are hardly limited to Donovan though: The Doors, The Beatles, John Lennon, The Stones, The Kinks (perhaps the most underrated rock group of the 70’s) and of course Zeppelin.

I have my wife’s wonderful music tastes to thank for my discovery of Led Zeppelin. I am partial to their more bluesy and soulful material but for just rocking out you cannot beat some of their arena anthems like Whole Lotta Love or Black Dog. And I can listen to Stairway to Heaven until the cows come home. Queen is another great band that gets a lot of play for me…especially Love of My Life, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Somebody to Love. Killer Queen is also exemplary. Freddie Mercury is pretty much a rock god in my eyes.

My guilty pleasure has always been U2…Name any of their songs and I will find something to love about it. Their Greatest Hits album was the soundtrack to my first solo trip to London back in 2005. Especially beloved by me are Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Beautiful Day, Where The Streets Have No Name, and the sublime One. Springsteen, The Clash, and Three Dog Night also inspire and move me as well.

For my more artistic moods I tend to reach for early Dylan…the folk stuff and the era when he just started going electric. Highway 61 Revisited is one of my all time favorite albums of any genre and I wrote some of my earliest poetry while listening to the haunting Desolation Row on loop for hours on end. As for his later stuff…well I like Quinn the Eskimo. We will leave it at that.

Not much about contemporary rock gets me excited…there are a few exceptions of course. The White Stripes are the best band of the 2000’s, hands down, and The Black Keys are fast becoming essential listening for anyone who needs to get in touch with the roots of rock. I’m Slowly Turning into You off of Icky Thump from the former and Lonely Boy from the latter are especially good examples of the genius of these groups. I hope that we will see more rock of this type as the years go by.

I am actually a rather big fan of lyrical hip hop and 80’s era politically infused rap. NWA’s Natural Born Killers and Express Yourself are two of the best contemporary songs of all time in my honest opinion. And The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is terrifying, haunting, and captivating all at once. Public Enemy is also another favorite of mine, as are the Beastie Boys.

Three of my all time favorites are The Temptations, The Four Tops, and The Supremes, in that order. Ball of Confusion, My Girl, and Can’t Get Next to You Babe are…well they are classics. It’s Just The Same (Old Song) is just pure fun and energy and I can listen to almost anything song by Diana Ross at random. Motown in general is perhaps my greatest standby for when I just want to hear something that makes me happy.

Beyond pop I have a great love for Classical music. I can and have listened to Mozart for hours on end, especially the Operas and the Requiem Mass. Bach is a favorite as is Beethoven and Handel. I love the romantic era composers, especially Saint-Saens, Berlioz and Lizst. You can never go wrong with Richard Strauss either. I am amazed again and again when I listen to the Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens and his Carnival of the Animals suite, especially the segment entitled The Chickens with its frantic bursts of energy and concise structure. It really captures the mood of an autistic mind such as mine.

I think I mentioned something about the Grammys…oh yes! Well they were tonight and the Black Keys did NOT get the album of the year award they so richly deserved. The grossly overrated Mumford and Sons took that honor away from them. Meh. I was happy to see Adele get another award (I loved her 21 album) and the Lumineers are a delightful group, though I fear they may be a one hit wonder. Fun. is ok but they need to stop trying so hard to be Queen. I liked Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s Al Green-esque new song and I am intrigued by Frank Ocean. I also greatly appreciate Katy Perry’s breasts. Quite a bit.

Well that is my taste in music in a nutshell. Believe me, I could go on about this topic for 1000’s of words, and perhaps I will someday in this blog, but for now I will spare you. I have a date with Lola by The Kinks…Happy Listening!