Tete de Poulet


Edo equal onslaught sequel affront

Menage a deux never imbroglio

Do new the thing is odd sui encunt

He sings, “alack, please heed Benvolio!”


Fabrique du mal, wrenched upwards blessed red

Blaise Pascal holds it releases winter

Chaise bestride agape invites lonesome head

Plenum pensees, critic, a dissenter


Mum of words and yet ample of mumbles

Leche la chatte, I work in trade of kind

Your maw, a treat, and so soft it humbles  

A vessel for my milk is thus defined


I quibble with my thoughts of dark remorse

Supine with my prick hard-pressed to deflate

Warm dew speckled lips pout around the source

Pleased with my renown as a reprobate

art, poetry, Satire

And Now… Time for Some Dirty Limericks!


I have a obsession with the art of the dirty limerick…So I wrote some of my own! They are indeed rather dirty, so if you are a prude please go to one of my more family friendly posts…Like the one about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church! :p


Do you know of of ol’ Natty LePann?

If you ain’t then I pity you man

He jumped from his roof

And, I tell you the truth,

The splat was heard from here to Iran!




There once was a man from Des Moines

He had a terrible pain in his groin

He complained to his girl

Said “give it a whirl”

So she bent down and soothed his poor loins




Bill was known by all as “the runt”

He suffered from every sort of want

But point out a bird

Though it sounds quite absurd

He’ll prove himself a tycoon of cunt




There once was a lass from Detriot

With her tongue she was quite adroit

Men came from far and wide

To sample the trade that she plied

In fact they were “coming” from Boston to Beliot!