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The People Rise Up In Turkey


People’s revolution has reached the cities of the old Ottoman Empire. Thousands of citizens have taken to the streets of Ankara, Istanbul, and in Turkish enclaves from Doha to New York City. Why have the people chosen now to rise? Because the “moderate” Islamic government of PM  Recep Tayyip Erdogan has decided it is now time to begin dismantling the secular foundations of the modern state of Turkey. After the collapse of the decrepit and corrupt Islamist Imperial Ottoman state in the 1920’s the Young Turk reformers and the secular leader Kamel Attaturk attempted to create a modern society built around the idea that all are equal within a non-religious state apparatus that supported the rights of workers, women, and religious minorities. Of course the reality of this utopian system did not live up to the promise it was founded upon, but one cannot deny that the modern Turkish state has been a outpost in West Asia against religious fanaticism and tyranny.

The Islamic party of Erdogan has decided to cater to the most extreme religious elements of the society and is using its elected authority to undermine the secular nature of society and government. A couple in a train station in the capital of Ankara were caught on CTV committing a terrible crime against Islamic morality: they were kissing in public. They were warned by the police and urged to leave the station. In response the people came to the station and staged a “kiss in” to protest this horrid criminalization of human love and affection. This incident was quickly followed by a restrictive anti-alcohol bill that would target those who use or sell alcohol all over the nation. As if that were not enough the government decided to bulldoze one of the last few green public spaces in the great city of Istanbul, Gezi Park, in order to make way for a corporate owned shopping center.

The people of Istanbul had decided they had had enough. They occupied the park and the area around it, like their comrades in New York City and Cairo before them, and told the government that they will not take any more abuse. The government responded with predictable brutality: they used bulldozers, tear gas, batons and live rounds in an attempt to remove the peaceful protesters from the space. The protesters fought back but many were forced to leave. Thousands joined in and the protests spread to the center of Istanbul and across the nation.

As I write thousands are standing in Taksim Square calling for the end of the Islamic government and the resignation of PM Erdogan. These are secularists, shopkeepers, mothers, fathers, workers, socialists, nationalists…almost every segment of secular Turkish society has come together in support of the ideals of the Young Turks, Attaturk, and secularism. They are setting up roadblocks and barricades and are creating a situation reminiscent of Tahrir Square in Cairo. The government has cracked down hard and have arrested nearly 1000 people, brutalized and injured thousands more and there are perhaps dozens of deaths due to police brutality. There are reports of members of the armed forces refusing to assist the police in their attack against the people and the secular foundations of society, dropping their weapons and even joining forces with the protesters and their cause. Protesters are even gathering in front of the EU headquarters in Brussels and chanting their support for their comrades in Turkey.

This is another victory for the people of the world and expands the protest against the religious, corporate and authoritarian forces that run the governments of the world. The people will not have their dignity taken from them, they will not stand for governments that sell their interests to the highest bidder, they will not stand for morality police and an imposition of religious authority in the place of the secular rule of law. I stand with the people of Turkey. I stand with people all over the world who are coming to the realization that it is they who have the power and it is they who can change and reshape the world. Today I am Turkish. Tomorrow perhaps we will all be citizens of a new world. Workers and People of the World Unite!

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that Riot Police in Istanbul are using Agent Orange canisters, banned by the UN, against peaceful protesters gathering in the center of Istanbul. Updates can be found on Al Jazeera

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The Right and the Closing of the American Mind


“What we are witnessing is the closing of the American mind.” This not at all sanguine appraisal of the contemporary American condition is offered tonight by radio demagogue Mark Levin. This sage of American reactionary pedagogy is of course a corporate tool and shill for the capitalist establishment but that does not mean he does not have a certain understanding of the conditions underlying that problem that faces us today, albeit unwitting.


In a civil society you must have a moral order. Right versus wrong, good versus evil, just versus unjust, and means versus ends. They’re not the same thing, and when we talk about moral order, you must have a moral order to have a rule of law, for the free market to work, to advance national security.

This declaration of principles is an almost perfect elucidation of the reactionary capitalist doxa. The argument of Right and Wrong are a convenient dichotomy for those attempting to disguise their lack of moral authority. Compassionate conservatism (see compassionate capitalism) failed, globalized market based prosperity is a oxymoronic farce and supply side theology has been abandoned as the worst sort of wishful thinking by any capitalist economic theorist not wishing to be laughed out of the ivory tower. All that remains to the reactionary capitalist is the fantasy that what they do is for the Right against the Wrong; painting change as an intrinsic Wrong perpetrated against the “people”, in reality the consumer, the customer. Levin is also correct that there must be a moral order, or at least a beloved facsimile of one. This can be patriotism, or family values (actually Bible based Christian paternalist misogyny and authoritarianism), or the most potent, love for the free market. On that issue the American mind is indeed “closed”. Or at least it would appear at first glance.

The Now is the essence of the inevitable. What we experience and live on a moment by moment basis seems to demand the a priori acceptance of the conditions being experienced as inherent to existence. Or at least this is the case in the realm of societal evolution. The status quo is an addictive prospect and a potent intellectual narcotic. This is why it is so often drafted in the reactionary philosophy. “You must have a moral order to have a rule of law, for the free market to work, to advance national security.” Levin actually repeats himself three times in this sentence: the rule of law is the free market which is the main impetus and rational for the aggressive militarization of the police state and conversion of the military into a police apparatus known as National Security. “It’s a free country”, we are reminded by the political Right, their voice raising another octave. Of course, but freedom to what end? Freedom to consume? Freedom to choose where and when to consume? “Would you, sir, like to take the red train to hell or the green?” In an imperial system there is, by definition, no freedom. There cannot be. The peace maintained not for the proletariat but for those exploiting their needs and aspirations is the Pax Mercatus, the peace of the market. This peace of course is a false concept as it is in any imperially imposed idyll. Participate in the system or else allow it to drain you of life. But there then is the contradiction of freedom, the false choice; choosing to participate will just as surely drain you. So the peace, the inevitable, is the realization that life is as it is and there is no use in fighting that fact. At least you have some time and enjoyment while you are being drained! At least you get to ride the train. The freedom beloved by the people is the freedom to choose the method of their own exploitation, and of course even this is a false choice. Where do you hide in an all-pervasive system? How do you survive in a world of capital and greed by being poor and unselfish? You either consume or are consumed and of course the former is just a roundabout way of coming to the latter. So what is the moral order of the reactionary capitalist supporters? Inertia.

In his Discourses Machiavelli said

“Prudent men always and in all their actions make a favour of doing things even though they would of necessity be constrained to do them anyhow.”1


                This is a delightfully pragmatic proposal that nonetheless exposes an insidious though essential aspect of the imperial capitalist system. The favour in this case is capitalist governmental structure’s maintaining  the right to a stable and humane living through the fruits of one’s own labor. This labor is of course appropriated by the corporate system and the government whose main interest is in maintaining the capitalist power structure and divvied up the way this power structure sees fit. The tax structure in the USA maintains a token all but subsistence level “social safety net” and finances a full blown welfare system for corporate interests. This illusion of “prosperity” is the basis of the claim that the American system is the most successful and free in the world. The proletariat is given just enough to survive the work needed to maintain the system that keeps them in thrall to the corporate controlled government structure and just enough hope to motivate them into working beyond what is healthy or sane in order to grasp at an all but impossible future in the upper echelon of the class structure. Belief in this fantasy is inculcated in the population by an educational system, funded by the arbitrary tax value of property, that is increasingly maintained as a factory for creating minds ready and willing to participate in the capitalist market. Art, social studies, physical education or anything else that would lead to a rational mind and healthy body is eliminated in favor of class-biased standardized testing and even market based programs like “Sales”, “Business”, and “finance” classes. So in the end the “American Dream” is the appropriation of labor from the proletariat so that it may be given back to them in smaller and pre-determined allotments, minus the “surplus” needed to maintain th capitalist corporate welfare system that enforces the unending toil and exploitation required to make the proletariat create the wealth that can then be appropriated. No one ever said the capitalist system was not thorough.

This of course leads to the sublimation of any sort of proletarian activism or economic consciousness. “Hard work” is what leads to “success” but of course both concepts are arbitrary standards composed and maintained by a corporate business class that has a vested interest in cheap and overworked service workers. The American mind is not closing, as Levin argues, but is already sealed shut. For the majority of workers alienated from the means of production, the creation of capital, or the mechanisms of control there is no conceivable escape from this system. In fact any attempt by the leftist class conscious forces within society, where the in fact exist at all, is shunned and attacked by the working and middle classes as a dangerous affront against the system that gives them the chance to keep themselves “comfortable” and advancing towards the goal of entering the capitalist class of entrepreneurs and managers. As John Steinbeck said, Americans are not able to move beyond this vicious and exploitative cycle because in their own minds they are but “temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” There is no better way to ensure servitude then to promise freedom.

National security is a key term to recognize and understand within the context of a global capitalist system. The national security state took hold as a seeming means unto itself around the time that the collapse of state communism left the capitalist authorities bereft of a raison d’etre relating to their increased militarization. The retardation of Communism was abandoned in favor of the expansion of the global free market. These concepts of course have essentially the same meaning; the maintenance of forces, systems, and circumstances that are friendly to exploitation of the local proletariat. The Pax Americana ended out of necessity so that the Pax Mercatus could rise, the latter being the post-national synthesis of multinational corporate capitalism with nationalistic imperialism. There is no locus of power beyond the financial centers and boardrooms of the corporate and managerial class. The entire world is feudalized and each human being owes a life-term of “hard work” to contribute to the capitalist system and its expansion.

Peace is needed for this sort of system to work, a certain sort of peace that preserves the prerogative of the market forces, which are of course merely the whims and wishes of the robber barons and multinationals. The multinational uses resources collected from the proletariat of the various industrialized nations in order to expand and maintain the status quo in regions of the world where democracy has not yet softened the desire of the proletariat to fight for a feature less assured but more humane in potential. The people of the industrial democracies do not dispute, for the most part, the choice of intervening in the affairs of “less developed” nations. This is because the potent mix of nationalism and xenophobia cultivated and stoked by the government and its reactionary tools in the media and cultural institutions. In this effort religion is less an opiate than a stimulant pushing society towards a violent hatred for and confrontation by proxy with the proletariat of another state. War is exported abroad in order to spread peace and prosperity at home. We are even told that through war will come peace, peace in the sort of way that only an un-wittingly exploited and placated democratic populace can comprehend. War is preferable to peace because peace would mean the inertia required to maintain the order would have more of a chance to be disturbed. Idle hands and idle minds tend to stray towards innovation or at least contemplation. Besides, as Lenin said

“a certain period of acute economic dislocation and chaos, which accompany all wars, and civil war in particular, is inevitable, before the resistance of the bourgeoisie is crushed”2

And the proletariat does not want war, it does not want upheaval and chaos and change. At least it does not think it wants it. Not yet at least. In this regard Levin is correct, but only by mistake. The American mind is closed, but that does not mean it cannot be opened.


  1. The Discourses, Machiavelli, Niccolo, trans. Walker, Leslie J, and Richardson, Brian, Penguin Classics Ed.
  2. 2.       On The History Of The Question Of The Unfortunate Peace, Lenin, V.I.,
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A Sociopath’s Guide to Creating a Corporate Dictatorship In 10 Easy Steps

As a conservative sociopathic free market zealot you have many options to choose from in your quest for total world Corporatocracy. We ask you that you consider this humble 10 step system below. We think it has potential, and is relatively easy to accomplish given your business and political connections. So get to work and try it out bud! It just might be FUN!


1. Assess: Take a look around for nation with a steady and reasonably growing economy with moderate deficits and little to no debt or even a surplus.


2. Propose: Claim that the government is holding too much of the peoples’ money in this time of plenty! Let the market make EVEN MORE MONEY with the surplus/low debt levels! Send out modest tax returns to the lower and middle classes and a whopping huge series of cuts for the super-rich and Corporations.


3. Bribe: While those trouble makers like economists and everyday people and businesses who are not billionaires complain about the tax cuts, give the middle class and working classes a large sop to their interests in the form of an unaffordable expansion of the welfare state! But make sure that this expansion is put on the credit card and that most of the money goes to your friends in private industry that will get fat government contracts on the people’s dime! Also distract the people with one (or two) of those Wars they seem to like so damn much. Put that on the credit card as well.


4. Gamble: Put all of the faith and credit of the United States into a system that rewards non-productive money men for betting on the risk that the nation will fall apart at the seams financially! Hedge those bets, double down, and then suggest that the middle class and poor get in on the game as well with their pensions and savings! (It is of course too late for them of course seeing as how their bosses already put their savings and pensions INTO the casino-I mean Free Market.)


5. Break the Bank: When the magnificent edifice you created out of smoke and toothpicks falls apart all over the economy, and you lose all your money in the casino–I mean Free Market, blame those damn government regulations and unions for demanding accountability in a time when the Job Creators should have been making more money and creating jobs! You distracted them and NOW look what happened!


6. Have Mom and Dad Bail You Out: “Gee gosh good golly, we sure made a mistake…but you know what, we have so much of our wealth and the nation’s wealth and credit tied up in this failed gamble that if you don’t bail us out EVERYONE is gonna be outta work. Really? Really truly? You will? Just this once? Thank you Mommy and Daddy! It will never happen again!”


7. Blame the New Guy and The Poor Blame the new leader for implementing/continuing to implement/improve upon the policies that the people who hot you into this mess wrote and proposed. Start mumbling about how the deficit is looking MIGHTY big and that new leader is looking RATHER Lenin-like. Claim that is was liberal policies that got us into this mess in the first place, along with the market being FORCED by the big bad Government to help out those poor people who were not ready for homes (all the while forget to mention the wars you started, the welfare handout to the business community, the tax cuts and did we mention THE WARS?)


8. Wake Up Grandpa: Now that the economy is in the shitter and government is deadlocked, start whispering to Grandpa that the libs want to raid his Medicare and Social Security again! Tell them that it is RIGHT ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY. Tell them you have no idea how THAT happened (probably the socialists or the Japanese) and give them a bunch of cash, signboards, buses, and an entire TV network so that they can protest the despicable socialist and his subversive Red Chinese loving defects. Did we mention the president is a black Muslim? AND WE ARE AWAY!


9. Shocked…Shocked! This is where sociopathy REALLY comes in handy: Pretend to be SHOCKED…SHOCKED that there is gambling going on here, and that of course it was those free spending liberals buying poor and minority votes that did it. Too bad the “grownups” were not in charge of things or else we may still have an economy that exceeds market expectations whatever the fuck that means! Claim to have the solution to this free spending debt ridden morass of a problem, and claim that all you need is the entire state and federal government except the Presidency in order to implement it…What? You are really giving the power over to us? Sucker–I mean, smart move.


10. Reform and Austerity: Now that you have the levers of power in the states, and you have that pesky Muslim President tied up with legislative procedure and gridlock it is time to get rid of public employee unions (because they dared to do better and threat their workers better than others at the same time when the private industry was choking on its own crapulence), the welfare state (because we all know it is those damn poor people who forced the government to force the business to force the markets to…whatever! They dress badly), the minimum wage (because damned if I will have my natural right to work for 55cents an hour is taken away from me by those commie bastards!) and of course business regulation. Claim that this NOT the time for the government to use the credit cards AGAIN (even though the last time was like Christmas in July and this time it is like your son has terminal cancer…) and that the Free Market (PBUH), which just so happens to be doing JUST FINE after you bailed them out and now they want to go back to the casino daddy daddy pretty please can we go to the casino again, has all the answers!




You have done it! You have completed all 10 steps and are now on the road to becoming the dictator of a morally bankrupt corporate kleptocracy! All you need to do now is get rid of the social safety net, start a few more wars, abolish democracy, and come up with a design for some snappy storm trooper uniforms!

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The Blue Line: The Police and the Powers They Represent

[I wrote this essay right as the Occupy Movement was taking off. It seems fitting that I publish it now especially given the recent police violence in Washington DC, and Oakland against the protesters]

We must love and support the police. It is a none-to-secret obligation in the America of 2011. They are the heroes of 9/11, the men and women (but mostly men let’s admit it to ourselves) who keep the unclean hordes from knocking in our doors and devastating our families. A police officer is often the only person you tell your child (if you are white or privileged) to trust when out in public other than yourself. They are seen as (by white people and the privileged mostly) protectors of the weak and the enemies of those who would use violence and fear to intimidate and exploit them. They are the first line of defense in the longest running war in American history: the war on non-alcoholic drugs. They are seen by many as protectors of good things and they are thought to represent the best of our oh-so fragile society. Unfortunately they are none of these things for many more people. I can only speak for myself of course, and I have a perspective that is male and mostly white. But in other ways I am part of the vast list of enemies that the police and their supporters see as a threat to a great nation and its safety and morality.

That is because I am also poor, and this counts for a lot great deal in a nation that has elites who are swiftly becoming far less afraid of voicing their disgust for those who have failed in the “Free Market”, or more accurately given their vitriol and disgust, those who have failed the “Free Market”. I am the first to admit that I am far from the bottom of the unspoken and often conveniently ignored American caste system. That being said I am certainly not near the top, and in many sense I have made my situation worse by deviating even more from the accepted norm. I am a non-Christian, a socialist, unemployed, an artist, a liberal, and I am not a bigot. Any one of these things would be enough on their own to condemn me in the minds of many of my fellow countrymen and women, and I know this from painful, but enlightening, personal experience. To be blunt though, I am not a racial or ethnic minority, I am not poverty stricken, I am not living in a large city. I have a lot going in my favor in the eyes of the society that I by no fault of my own call mine. It is that more much more interesting then, given my biases and attributes, that I too see the ever increasing tyranny of the police. Today I will look at that tyranny from a more specific constitutional and rights oriented perspective.

Some well-meaning but stupid liberals want us to see the NYPD crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street protesters occupying Liberty Park as a glimpse into the experience that minorities and the poor have had and continue to have with the police. I see this point of view as insulting and simplistic, and more importantly it misses a different and perhaps more cynical reality. The police are not treating those who dare speak out against the failings of capitalism and governmental leadership as they do so many poor and minority young men and women; they are in fact treating the Occupiers as enemies of that state itself. Your average bigoted and socially unconscious work-a-day local police officer or deputy all too often manipulates local law and statutes, or out rights ignores both, to harass and “control” those who are not part of the accepted social and economic power structure of the community. This can be devastating for the victims and have in the end a corrosive effect on the very law and order that the police and their handlers claim to want to uphold. Usually (or at least until the past 20 years in many communities) though most unsavory activities by police and governmental leadership are undertaken with an eye to the local status quo.

Not so any more, not even for relatively small communities. Today police work is seen as tour of duty in a domestic war with no beginning and more importantly no discernible end. The Civil Rights struggle in the south showed a hint of the potential of the police being used as enforcers of a larger unconstitutional order meant to keep those who see themselves as the most valued of citizens safe from everyone else. In fact it was more than an example: for close to 100 years law enforcement systematically and knowingly acted as the militant wing of a movement that saw many of their fellow citizens as immoral at best and subhuman at worst. From Philadelphia Mississippi to Bull Connor to thousands of instances of police beatings and mental, emotional and sexual harassment, the South and many areas in the North and some in the West were essentially worlds were the constitution was nothing more than a declaration of the rights of those who saw themselves as the greatest examples of humankind. The apartheid and on occasion warfare against African-Americans and to a lesser extent those who supported them and the Constitution would have been nearly if not completely impossible without a Police apparatus that was ready, able and gleefully willing to abuse both their fellow citizens and the Constitution. It can safely be said that where there are police there is a good potential for the suppression of human and constitutional rights.

Part of the problem comes from the fact that many (or at least an influential few who claim to speak for many) Americans confuse or conflate safety and status/property security with freedom and civil rights. Who claims the Constitutional privileges that they are taught to revere? Why the ungrateful poor and seditious Liberals. In the minds of many a Conservative white upper middle class man The Bill of Rights is not something that need concern him: HE knows he can say and do what he pleases, and he uses that privilege (and they do see it as that) responsibly and for the betterment of his family and his peers. Why would anyone want to use the holy documents of the founding to attack a system that had been so good to him and his beautiful bourgeoisie ilk? Seclusion, often purposeful, often leads to delusion, and that is the case for much of what has come to be called by pundits and pontificators as “Red State” America. Only “Blue State” America cares about such things as rights; they of course want something for nothing, be it comfort, food or this case liberty to do and think as they please.

Tanks in the streets of L.A., police in armor that would put a Tudor era knight to shame, stop and frisk policies, free speak zones; these are not products of a power structure that respects and loves rights so much as they are the trappings of a system that does not recognize the validity of rights in the face of any and all threats to the established social and economic order. Anything goes in the struggle to protect the job creators; without a job a man becomes nothing more than a burden on the system, and what is the system of not a way of rewarding those who take care of themselves? If you fail you fail alone, and if you succeed you get to reap the rewards of a nation that possess vast but incredibly stratified and segregated wealth and power. The police are the line between those who have failed at the Capitalist endeavor and those who have succeeded and those who erroneously seem to confirm the lie that is the American Dream. The police therefor are given a sort of pass between the world of the lower classes and the powers that be. They are the unpoor: they do not possess the full privileges and perks of the bourgeoisie, but they are allowed to perpetuate a myth of police supremacy based upon the premise that any person who volunteers to protect the “civilized” communities of America is a morally superior person. And when you are morally superior you are in many ways not subject to the laws that you are tasked to uphold. You are something more than a citizen, and all rights afforded by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and claimed by the working, minority and poor classes of society are instantaneously turned into privileges when a police officer is present and upholding the power structure.

There was a time when even the powers that be allowed for an occasion accusation of “excessive force” to be leveled against the police. No more however; the militarization of police culture and the reimagining of urban areas as warzones in a battle for the safety of the upper middle class has seen to that. There is nothing excessive about force used to quiet unwarranted (in the eyes of the privileged) complaints and grievances of the poor and the underrepresented. In fact and often in practice there is no such thing as “excessive force” when it comes to law enforcement anymore; the only “excessive force” recognized today is when a citizen dares to strike back or react to an assault by the authorities. It is now considered an unreasonable amount of “violence” to yell or issues obscenities in the direction of an officer of the law. The penalty for such disloyalty to the Holy Order is beating followed by arrest. We are all guilty until proven docile. The only innocent man is a man who would never be accused of a crime.

What America witnessed in New York City on November 15, 2011 was nothing new to many people who struggle to get by in this country. But, it was jarring nonetheless to many who never saw themselves as being subject to such force and prejudice. People were beaten, harassed and frightened while officers laughed and reporters were arrested for merely trying to document what the police claimed was legitimate and warranted action. It became clear that the only property that deserved protecting was the property of those who saw the police as the last best hope against the lazy unwashed mass of underachievers and cultural misfits. A small community was violently dismantled; not even a thriving and much beloved library was removed and possibly even destroyed. No respect need be paid to those who do not even have the self-respect necessary to know their place in society. The police acted to protect and serve the interests of the only people who really have something to lose: the rich, the privileged, and the powerful.

As long as some sops are thrown to the underclass, and as long was the privileged are able to convince some segments of the lower and working classes that they too can achieve the status of “real American” then the police can continue to  violate rights that are no longer seen as such. The poor cannot afford rights. They must settle for the privileges that the powerful and fortunate allow to trickle down to the people that refused to allow the market to help them help themselves. Even the right to vote is now being seen by the powerful as a potential privilege that comes into play only when a person is deemed competent by the standards of a Capitalist society to exercise it. Why allow those who do not even appreciate how perfect America and its Market System are be allowed a say in how the country is run? It is a slow but methodical march to aristocracy and soft feudalism; only a citizen can vote, and only working privileged men and their families are real citizens.

I watched the events in New York City with both disgust and a touch of hope. For perhaps the first time in a long time a new generation is starting to realize how much they really do have at stake in a democratic and fair social and economic system, and how close they are to never being able to realize the potential they were told resided within each of them. They are starting to realize that the American Dream cannot and should not be a dream of comfortable wealth and power and of finally being able to appeal to the authority and protection of the police. Instead the dream should be to survive and thrive together as a community that respects the rights of all people and the potential of human beings to forge a new economy that is not based upon the notion that many must fail in order for a select (or even elect) few to succeed. New York Mayor Bloomberg ‎ said that “No right is absolute” in the wake of the expulsion of the occupy protesters. While a disgusting sentiment we cannot fault the Mayor for being dishonest: his quote is a perfect example of how the 1% and their scared and manipulated quisling allies in Red State America view the 99%. For in his eyes the police are the only thing that separates the underclass from the gates of their American Versailles. It is yet to be seen if the police will eventually realized that they too will soon be tossed aside and oppressed in the same way they have oppressed the underclass. The police do not yet seem to understand that they too are expected to shut up, toe the blue line, and quietly and meekly eat cake.