The Wheel


Being, propinquity to eternity

Mother and child embrace besides the remains

Banal hubris broke the quiet of history

Evil arrayed resplendent still profane


A millenium passes unregarded

A moment is felt as a tribulation

Eons are muddled and flocced

But Now is an endless abreaction


Tanks will always rumble ‘cross the Oder

Men will always fight for a putrescent ideal

The bodies of innocents will molder

With every callous spin of fortune’s wheel

Middle East

Fire on the Euphrates


Let’s do it

bomb bomb

bomb again

and drop the pretense of


Hope the endless someday


some sort of conclusion

but don’t count on it

Tomahawks strike Raqqah

Sparks fly and

The Euphrates is set on fire

Strike like Mongols

from the air

leave nothing to chance

or well enough alone

every nightmare of the West

must be soothed by 10,000

Muslim lives

Rome one the Potomac

535 fiddlers under a slave wrought dome

One fool sitting on a leather throne

Let me be clear

We the people have plenty to fear