Atheism, poetry, Reason, Religion

Jesus the Insane


I was down at the market today

And I found myself assaulted

By the master and the way

And a foolish man undaunted

He claimed he was the son of god

And that he had the answer

To all the questions simple and odd

And a way to prevent disaster

He’d take all of my sin away

If I would but follow his dictates

He’s quite the charmer I should say

But not a favorite of the prelates

He smelled a bit of fish and wine

And his hair was a bit longish

But his principles were fine

If just a bit cultish

What really got my goat, you see

What really got me pissed

He told me to abandon my family

And to forget that this world exists

I laughed then and called him mad

And he frowned and called me a fool

But his movement will end up just a fad

Like that silly golden rule

I heard they crucified the bum

Why’s not hard to explain

He claimed to promise Kingdom Come

But he was, of course, insane