Ancient History, Buddhism, poetry

Marajit/War in the North


these feelings

afflict me constantly

like a persistent chest cold

and there is Mara

and Mara has power over my dreams

I am not hungry enough

I do not embrace agony


Ān Shǐ Zhīluàn

and the lord of

the middle kingdom

loses the mandate

of heaven to

Trisong Detsen

of that backwater



he is without place and without


but he is vengeful

and spiteful

and craves the wine

of life

a god of indigo and honey


has suzreignity

over my nightmares


in a blight red sky


the beleaguered Tang

rage against

the Xuanzong Emperor

for his


regarding those he


in the North

why must the Middle Kingdom

suffer for one Emperor’s folly?


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